RGPD / GDPR - xBuilders

This regulation is a way for you, users, to better manage your data, and the intentions of the people who have them.


Your privacy and the security of your data are major concerns for xBuilders.

  • Your data is stored in France
  • GDPR delegate: Yann L – yann(at)beosmo.com

When you browse as a simple visitor to our site, we know from what IP address you are connecting, but we do not know how long you spent on our site. When you are registered with xBuilders, We do not know where you go & how long you spend on xBuilders. The only information we collect is your IP address.

When creating your account, you entrust your personal information to xBuilders:

  • Your Username
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your profile picture
  • Your IP address 


You have free access to all the data xBuilders has about you. This is your personal information.


At any time, you can correct your personal information if your situation changes or if you notice an error. However, you cannot replace them with information to anonymize yourself. To disappear from our files, please send us an email to data(at)beosmo.com from your customer email address. We can then delete your account. We reserve the right to keep the data of publishers who have withdrawn from their balances for the legal period.

The 10/03/2023 |  Category: xBuilders